Burnt, Cut, Bitten

9 May

Monteverde Biological Reserve

Sorry for not updating! Our hostel in Montezuma didn´t have the Internet. Travel woes. We’ve been having an amazing time. I guess I should start with Monteverde….

Monteverde is one my favourite places in Costa Rica. The temperature was cool and the air felt clean. We stayed in a little town called Santa Elena, which had a few paved streets with shops, restaurants, tours, etc. We had a plan when we arrived, but definitely didn’t stick with it. Basically, we did everything we said we wouldn’t and guess what?! It was fantastic!

We arrived in the morning and booked a ziplining tour called Extremo Canopy for the afternoon. There were about 14 cables, a tarzan swing, and one rappel. The longest cable was approx. 1 km long! The first long cable went from one peak of the cloud forest to another. There was valley beneath it, where we could see cows grazing and some farms. At some points, you went through the clouds. It was absolutely spectacular. I felt like I was Harry Potter. lol. You know, when he is on his broomstick! Ok, sorry for my nerd-out. Near the end, there was a tarzan swing. Basically, the guides zip you in, tell you to bend your knees, and then they shove you off the platform… no warning! You freefall for a bit and then finally swing up to the tallest tree branches. It was intense! I screamed, of course. One guy got stung by a hornet on his way down! awful awful. One girl was crying. Like I said, intense!

The next day, we went canyoning where you rappel down waterfalls. It was the most expensive tour we went on… around $50 usd. It was really interesting and difficult, but not so exhilarating as the canopy tour. I think the highest waterfall we rappelled down was 40 metres. Stef and I have some nice bruises from the rocks; we weren’t very good at first. Thankfully, they are starting to fade. This was probably one of the more dangerous tours though. Worst of all, our guides didn´t know any English. They had to have the secretary come down with us (her first time!) so she could translate and even she wasn’t very good. The falls even had stapled rosaries on the rocks. I´m thinking for protection or a blessing. We made it down alive and became better towards the end.

Later that afternoon, there was a tropical storm. Stef and I had our raincoats, watershoes, and ponchos on. We braved the storm because we really wanted to see the Monteverde Biological Reserve. Soaking wet and dirty, we went on a 2 hour hike in the rainforest. We saw a bit of wildlife, but not so much because of the rain. Either way, it was nice to just walk through it. It was just so green and pristine.

Read my next post for details on our adventure from Monteverde to Montezuma!


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