MonteVERDE to MonteZUMA!

10 May

Montezuma, Costa Rica

The trek from Monteverde to Montezuma wasn’t so easy after all.

We went to bed quite early because we were catching the 6 am bus to Montezuma. We had bought some fruit and water for the trip and left it in the kitchen overnight. Unfortunately, the owner locks the kitchen overnight and was still sleeping when we had to leave. We were so disappointed! Our delicious mangoes and cantaloupe! We even had it all chopped up and ready to eat. Anyways, we walk up to the bus stop and wait around for a while. We saw a bus go by, but it never stopped so we figured it wasn´t the right bus. Then, another bus came around 6 30 am and everyone got on. I asked the driver “Puntanarus?” and he said “Si” ( yes!) WRONG!! We accidentally got on the bus back to San Jose. Luckily, there were two female expats who helped us explain to the driver in Spanish what happened. So, he stopped the bus and made us buy another ticket. While Stef went and bought the other tickets at the booth back in town, I ran down the steep hill to our hostel and retrieved our delicious fruits! SUCCESS!

The bus ended up dropping us off in the middle of nowhere, where we were suppose to catch a random city bus into Puntarnus and then take a taxi to the ferry station. It was so tiring! Then, once we get into the taxi, he tells us the ferry arrives at 10 am to take us across the peninsula. When we get to the docks, it actually leaves at 11 am! Blah… so we had to wait in the heat for over an hour and a half. Despite complications, we made it to Montezuma in about 8 hours (which was originally expected). So it all worked out, just with more of a headache than necessary.

The ferry ride was fun. We met a music teacher named Raul from Nicaragua. We talked about our cultures and music while we shared some delicious veggie crackers from Canada. He really liked them! He invited us to come watch his students play. The school where he teaches is funded by a Canadian organization and the Costa Rican culture industry. The children play donated instruments, like cellos, violins, guitars, and pianos from the government. Unfortunately, we didn´t have enough time to visit him, but we plan on emailing him soon to see how everything is going with the school.

When we arrived in Montezuma, we had to walk up an extremely steep hill to get to our cabina (seems like a common practice!). It was our most expensive accommodations, between 35-40$ a night, but it was really cute. The owners are a hippie surfer couple – very friendly! We stayed in Montezuma for four nights… swam in the ocean (Playa Grande) and went on a snorkeling trip out to an island. Amazingly, on the way back from the snorkel trip we saw dolphins!! They were swimming with the boat. There must have been 10-15 of them! Absolutely beautiful!!! I’ll never forget it.

Now, we´re back in San Jose, the capital. San Jose is a dirty city, but thankfully we´re not right in the downtown core. I can´t wait for the white water rafting trip tomorrow. Another early night though… our pick up is at 6 30 am!



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