Planning the Incredible

14 Dec

2010-2011 marks my gap year. Hmm… what will I do? sleep on the couch? watch lots of movies? learn ballroom dance? NO!!! I’m going to travel the world.

I guess this all came into realization last summer after I came home from Costa Rica, but hardly. Looking back, I feel like the idea came out of thin air and just fell into my lap, so I ran with it and started planning a year of travels throughout the world.

Right now, I have very little planned – just a mere list of places I want to explore and an even measlier schedule. Europe. South America. South East Asia including India and Nepal. Africa. Australia/New Zealand. The list is lofty.

I am going to Europe for six weeks with Jessie and Stefanie from May 4th-June 15th *roughly. There is so much to see, so I’m trying to figure out a good loop. I bought the ‘Let’s Go Western Europe 2009’ guidebook. I hope it comes in befor the holidays, so I actually have time to read it.

There is  so much to sort through. I figure that starting my round the world blog from the ground up will help organize my thoughts and give everyone a chance to give us any advice, tips or tricks.

Now, all I have to do is get through my last semester of university and then I’m off to see the world – an opportunity I couldn’t be more grateful for. Wish me luck!


One Response to “Planning the Incredible”

  1. Sarah Cipkar December 19, 2009 at 6:56 PM #

    Its funny that you just started up your blog again … I was gonna write a new post sometime soon on mine! Weeeiiiirrrd, maybe its the holidays and all this free time we have!And as for travelling the world – I'm so excited for you, as I hope to one day do the same. I plan on taking it a little slower and stopping to enjoy the view (now that I've got the ol' ball and chain … haha total joke)!Anyways, just wanted to say, yay! and that I'm sure it'll be a blast! Take lots of pics (something that I'm terrible at – my camera is always out of batteries lol).See ya soon, baboon 🙂

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