The joys (and horrors) of booking

1 Feb

The power of the Internet has failed me (stupid unreliable servers, stupid credit card!). However, after a day of calling 1-800 numbers, I finally booked my flight to Europe.

YYZ to FRA from May 5th to June 15th.

For those of you unfamiliar with airport codes, that means Toronto to Frankfurt (yes, Germany). Now, I wasn’t planning on going to Germany – it’s just too big and I don’t have much time, but I found a great deal! Round trip with taxes for $625 CAD. Pretty awesome, no? The Air Transat reservation person seemed to think so…

Frankfurt is a great place to start my European loop, too. It’s basically in the middle of Amsterdam (Netherlands) and Zurich (Switzerland). So, I’m assuming I will spend the first night in Frankfurt and take the early train to Amsterdam- it’s only 4 hours away. It’s such a relief to have my flight booked. Now I can actually start mapping out a (rough) itinerary. So excited!

In other news, I’ve also booked my train to Toronto for ‘Reading Week’ which gives me something to look forward to for the next two weeks. I’ve been so busy. It will be nice to just hibernate in Kyle’s small, but cozy apartment. I need some boyfriend cuddles.


2 Responses to “The joys (and horrors) of booking”

  1. Anonymous February 1, 2010 at 7:57 PM #

    I am very excited too!!My first backpacking adventure. Time to start planning… sooo much to think aboutJessie.

  2. Anonymous February 2, 2010 at 4:32 PM #

    Finally, the begining of our adventure around the world!<3

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