Wet in Amsterdam

8 May

condom display in Amsterdam

If only it wasn’t so miserable outside! Yesterday morning, I woke up and tip toed out of our couchsurfing host’s flat in Frankfurt, Germany to catch an early train to Amsterdam. The rapid trains are super fancy. Stefanie, Jess and I scored seats in a 6 person cabin with a table and temperature control – I’m sure that will be my last bit of comfort for the next while.

The hostel in Amsterdam was a bit hard to find. There are too many bikes, mopeds and cars whizzing by. It’s a little ridiculous at times. Nevertheless, the city is an organized chaos. The bike riders even have their own street lights which helps.

Yesterday, I took a trip to the Sex Museum, which is small but educational and a little weird. The museum has an early pornography exhibition, erotic media lounge and bizarre sex memorabilia. There are erotic photos from the late 1800s (I had no idea our ancestors were so kinky!) and even old chastity belts on display. The Sex Museum is a must-see in Amsterdam!

Anne Frank Huis

That day, I also visited the Anne Frank Huis, which is depressing. I never read the book, which now I’m thinking I should. It was strange to walk behind the hidden bookcase and through the rooms. They even preserved the wallpaper in Anne’s room with pictures she put up while in hiding. At the end of the tour, they have her original diary and ‘quote book’ displayed as well as some pages from her other notebooks. It is eerie. What’s worse is that I learned she died one month before the Nazi take-down. They have an interactive video near the end of the museum, where some sort of freedom/discrimination/etc. situation is described and you choose to either agree or disagree with a clicker. It was interesting to see how the majority ruled. One of the questions was whether Facebook groups dedicated to Holocaust deniers should be banned – the vote was 50/50. I’m so happy and appreciative that Canada is safe and, for the most part, accepting. I know we’ve also had a dark past, but it’s still something to think about….

canals in Amsterdam

Anyways, on to something more cheerful! I went out last night 🙂 Well actually, I stayed in the hostel bar for a while and met some Canadians and Australians. We went out at 2 am, got lost, danced in a crowded bar playing music I remember from grade school, ate McDonalds and THEN FINALLY at 5 am we got back to the hostel and crashed. Jessie even lost her passport for a brief period. I have never been out that late in my life! Trust me, it’s not something I’m eager to do again.

Today, I just walked to a market and through the Red Light District, which is basically how I pictured it would be. Women in lingerie enticing men to open their doors and come in alongside live peep shows. The women are very pretty, but I guess if you’re put on display like that, you sort of have to be. The most interesting part about the Red Light District is seeing all the varying male fantasies at play. I saw one prostitute dressed up in curlers and knitting in her window! Now, that’s bizarre!

Red Light District

Tonight will be low key. I’m making pizza and watching a movie. I’m such a rebel. We leave tomorrow for Paris. Au Revoir!!!

5 Responses to “Wet in Amsterdam”

  1. Brad May 8, 2010 at 5:31 PM #

    Glad you're having a good time and that you three are looking out for each other. You should read Ann Frank it's an awesome book that makes you think about how cruel people can be. Now the Sex museum, I don't know if I like the fact you went there…lol….but I'm glad you're doing a wide variety of things. Take care and will look forward to your remarks from Paris.

  2. another coffee addict May 9, 2010 at 12:58 AM #

    It's miserable here, too, Melissa. We actually got snow today. I do not remember ever getting snow this late in the Spring. April maybe, but not May!! It's a good day for a nice hot cup of coffee!!

  3. Joanna May 9, 2010 at 4:09 AM #

    ahhhh my heart stopped when I read "Jessie lost her passport" lol. I'm glad it's amazing despite the weather, I'm so excited for you guys to get to Paris. BTW I'm proud of your partying :)PS – ix nay on the Anne Frank, I don't think you'd like it lolXOXO

  4. Sabine May 9, 2010 at 1:40 PM #

    Poor girls! Obviously you just had back luck with your day in Frankfurt: We had plenty of sunshine here this week-end! But you're heading south. It'll get better soon. Next time you'll tell us about the worst sunburn ever you just caught in Barcelona 😉

  5. Melissa Elizabeth May 10, 2010 at 11:32 PM #

    thanks for your comments everyone! Who are you 'another coffee addict'?

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