Back in my hometown

30 Aug

As I predicted, leaving Toronto was awful. It could have been much worse, if Sarah and Todd hadn’t offered to give me a ride back to Windsor. Our chit chat helped take my mind of the cutest pup and man I left behind.

I still cried, of course – but it was different. When I left for Europe, I think I cried more because of Oli. I was nervous he would not remember me or maybe resent me for leaving. I couldn’t explain to him that I would be back soon and not to worry. This time, I cried because it would be the longest Kyle and I have ever been apart – but I also teared up for Oli during his final tummy scratch. I’m a sucker for good-byes.

Now, I’m in Windsor and I’m trying to gather my things, do laundry, pack and spend time with friends and family – I also watched the Emmys (did anyone else think Dexter should have won?).

Our flight takes off Wednesday morning at 10:30am, which is actually pretty convenient considering I’m used to those dreadful 6:00 am departures. We’re flying Spirit. I know, I know – you are probably thinking, WHY!? But, we didn’t feel like paying an extra $100 for a flight with food. Screw it, we’ll bring our own snacks.

Tomorrow, I’ll pack and go out for dinner with the girls. I have been splurging a bit on food/drinks that I love because I know I won’t be indulging in them for some time. Double tall lattes and green tea frapps from Starbucks AND ribs and med bread from Moxie’s tomorrow. Yes, I already know what I’m ordering! I’m weird like that.

The next post will be from Lima, Peru! Farewell friends.

3 Responses to “Back in my hometown”

  1. Anonymous at 5:25 AM #

    Hey Melissa traveling abroad can be an exciting experience but try to stay away from the Favelas,Slums and Shanty houses usually on the outskirts of the main city in hilltop sides.They're usually houses built by the people and not the government.And don't go out at night on deserted streets. I would like if u keep blogging as often as possible and I'll be tracking your progress across S.A. which is a huge continent.Try to blend in.Hope this helps .Luv u.

  2. Kyle at 5:36 AM #

    I love you…be safe

  3. Jess at 3:17 PM #

    Hello my dear! I can't wait to read your next blog once you both get a chance!! It would be nice to know you made it safe.. but I know you got in late last night! Also, let me know if there is a time change at all? Perhaps an hour or something small!! Have an amazing time to the both of you I love you girls xox

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