Kayaking, Horseback Riding, Hiking – oh my!

3 Nov

Kayaking in Bariloche

I love Bariloche, Argentina! It is so beautiful! So, I mentioned in the last post that we booked a kayak and horseback riding tour – the verdict? AMAZING! The guide picked us up at the hostel and brought us to a cute log cabin on the lake where we enjoyed a second breakfast.

Kayaking was first on the roster. We had double kayaks and they gave us a brief lesson – I was really excited because the water was crystal clear and sparkling. We had to wear the neoprene skirt over the kayak because the water was freezing. It felt like the kayak and I were bonded together. Stefanie got stuck in the back and I was up in front. She had to maneuver the little rudder which I was thankful for because I wouldn’t have been able to paddle AND steer. We managed pretty well. Our paddling was in rhythm and we were going pretty fast at some points but then we had to take a break. It was exhausting! Kayaking  works out your arms, shoulders and back. I am still sore and this was two days ago! Despite being a little reluctant, I was so happy I decided to try it.

After kayaking, we had an amazing asado (Argentinean BBQ). I had lamb for the first time and I’m not a fan. The people at the restaurant were so accommodating and friendly. They offered us beer and wine and kept bringing more food out. The sun was shining and we enjoyed a mug of beer overlooking  the lake. sigh…

After lunch, we went horseback riding. We were in a group of 6, which was kind of a shame since two people hadn’t ridden before and we wanted to gallop and trot. By the end of the two hours, we convinced the guy to let us go faster which was perfect because we galloped along the water’s edge and through the forest. After our ride, we went back to the lodge and there was tea, hot chocolate, cakes, cookies and lemonade waiting for us on the table. Yum! A perfect end to a wonderful day!

The following day, we decided to hike around a nearby peninsula with great views. We met a couple from Germany and we decided to brave the hike together. They were extremely nice and friendly. They offered us their home if we ever visit Germany – woot! We spent the whole day in the peninsula and had a picnic. The weather was  perfect for hiking, not too hot, but clear sunny, blue skies.

view of the lakes

Today is our last day in Bariloche and it’s a little disappointing. I would love to spend a week here, but we don’t have the time. It’s just another excuse to come back to Argentina. Our bus to Mendoza is at 3:30, so we plan on getting some ice cream, buying gourmet chocolates and watching the World Cup of Kite Surfing. haha. I better get going ❤


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