Settled in the homeland – for now!

3 Dec

I thought I would write a little something after settling into my temporary home here in Toronto. It’s weird to think I’ve already been in Canada for  3 weeks now. Time flies… When I look back, I can’t even believe I was in South America. It feels like a strange dream – as if it never even happened and I’m transplanted back to my regular life. Funny how that works.

The last few weeks, I have been living at Kyle’s apartment in Toronto, working at Gap (barf!) and applying for graduate school. Throw in a bunch of doggie walks, coffee dates and family visits and I’ve been one busy gal.

Stefanie is still in South America. I believe she has already made it to Columbia (the last leg of her trip). We were able to book the same flight to Bangkok, Thailand last week. I didn’t really fancy going on the 22 hr flight alone and meeting up in flurry of culture shock and jet leg – so, I’m glad it worked out. She is flying one-way and I booked a return from Jan. 6th – March 10th. I hope it’s enough time to get my fill of Asian culture and cuisine.

Stefanie is flying to Cape Town, South Africa after our Asian adventure. She is going on an organized overland camping trip for 9 weeks. I don’t think I could handle camping in Africa for that long… maybe 4 weeks (5 weeks with some hostels thrown in). I’m still jealous, but I know that it isn’t the right time for me. I want to see how my application to grad school goes first, before I plan anything else. I also need to save more money…. this South East Asia trip is already tight considering the $1430 flight! I knew we shouldn’t have booked so late.

So, while Stefanie is still gallivanting in SA – I need to plan a bit of this upcoming SEA trip. I want BEACH, FOOD, MISTY MOUNTAINS, TEMPLES and SHOPPING – shouldn’t be too hard to figure out. We plan on getting our PADI dive certificates, doing some hiking, maybe volunteering, etc. There is a slew of cities/villages I want to visit that I can’t even pronounce the names of.

I figure SEA will be the biggest culture shock. I can’t speak any of the languages. I’ll stand out like a sore thumb (at least in Argentina, we sort of blended in) and I can’t even make out signs or street names because of those tricky characters. I’m sure we will be scammed, too. Thankfully, SEA is cheap and you can’t go too wrong laying on a white sand beach, soaking up the sun or hiking mountains and meeting hill-tribes.

I’m just really excited to escape the Canadian winter chill. I can’t wait to sweat my tush off in the sweltering heat. I’m expecting a decent tan this time around, too.

Anyways, I want to make a shout-out to my Uncle Joe! Thank you for keeping up with my blogs and commenting so much. I really appreciate it and it makes writing this whole thing well worth it.


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