Losing Everything

16 Mar

So, as I mentioned in my last post, when Stefanie and I checked into our Bangkok hostel, we realized something was missing…

Stef lost her notebook. The infamous notebook had her ENTIRE life in it – travel life that is. She lost her passport, money, cards, etc. We called the hostel in Chiang Mai, who contacted the bus company. Our reception talked some guy on the phone who said they found a Canadian girl’s passport on the bus and some other stuff – perfect!!!! They gave Stef the address and she went to pick it up, while I waited at the hostel.

After two hours, I knew something was wrong. The reception called the travel office where Stef was supposed to pick up her stuff and now they were denying finding anything. Strange….

Stefanie had to go to the embassy and deal with the situation as best as she could. In the end, she managed to get a temporary passport and I lent her a bunch of money to last her for a while. I felt so horrible leaving her alone, but my flight was early the next morning and there was nothing I could do. I bought us some beers from the corner store and we tried to refocus on the good things.

The next morning, I left for my flight. Stefanie managed to get everything under control and even had time to see a Thai boxing match. Stefanie is very good at not letting things get to her. We’re alike in that way. We’re both used to being ‘the rock’.

And now, I’m home and Stef’s in Africa. I think she left for her tour yesterday morning. I know she’ll have an amazing time and I’m a little jealous that I am back to real life and she’s still traveling. I’ll update soon on my reverse culture shock.


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