21 Mar

It’s been 11 days since I arrived in Toronto and I am finally getting a hold on things.

I started work this week – maybe that’s why. I needed time to readjust myself and find my old indentations on Toronto life. I missed my bed. There was a lot going through my head… Stefanie’s recent situation being one thing. She arrived safely and last I heard, she was out gallivanting with some lions. Good for her!!

I was able to see my family on Sunday – aunts, uncles, cousins and my grandma. It was amazing. I love them so much and it really put me at ease being surrounded by them, eating delicious food and sharing stories. Oh the food…. I haven’t gorged myself like that in months. It was the kind you could NOT get in Asia, too. Well, you could but it would taste awful.

My grandma wants me to take her to the Azores this summer. She would love to visit, but needs someone to help her. If I decide to go, it will be my third time! Incredible. The last time I visited, I was 13. I went with my uncle, two aunts and two cousins. It was great having my cousins along because we are all around the same age. I remember being obsessed with the first Harry Potter book while I was there. hahaha.

My grandma wants to go for 1 month, but I think it would be too long – especially if I were alone. I mean, she does have a house overlooking a black sand beach BUT there is only so much ‘alone’ beach time I can take (my avoe doesn’t swim and she’s definitely not the tanning-type). I was thinking I could scrapbook and organize all my travel photos. I’ve always wanted to do that – it’s my repressed nerdy-ness. I could even take a Portuguese language course… who knows. It’s an opportunity.

The week after my family shin-dig, I finally went back to work. I also got a blackberry – look how high tech I am! It’s a little strange to use, but I am slowly figuring it out.

I have some big news, but I am waiting for something before I post it. My brother is visiting me next weekend and he is bringing it along with him. I am super excited to see him and just hang out. Jonathan’s turning 17 in one month. I can’t believe he’s applying for universities next fall! Thankfully, he doesn’t think he’s too cool for me.

This week is busy. I work everyday. Blah Blah Blah…. this is when I should stop writing posts. My normal life is so boring.


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