28 Mar

Great news!! I’m accepted to Ryerson University for the Master of Professional Communication program. I thought I would have my package by now, but I couldn’t wait to share the news. I received a phone call last week from the program director confirming my acceptance.

It’s so intense. Two weeks ago, I had no idea where my life would lead. I didn’t know where I would be living, if I would be traveling more, whether to get a second job or another internship, or just lay low….. and then all of sudden one phone call changes everything. It’s certainly an offer I can’t refuse. The program is new, but highly competitive. There are two (kind of) similar Masters programs in Canada, one in BC and one in Nova Scotia – so you can imagine the demand. The University also offered me two generous scholarships and a guaranteed Graduate Assistant job. Insane….

Despite all the previous confusion, I feel ready to start this program. Obviously, I’m ridiculously nervous. Will the coursework be bearable? Will I finish my research paper? Will I receive a decent internship? Will I pass? Will I even enjoy it? etc. etc. etc. ahhhhhh!

This is a whole new university, with a different system and attitude. It’ll take some time getting used to it all. Most likely, my posts will turn into school rants and stress-outs. I hope I continue to find refuge in writing.

Aside from the news, my brother visited me this weekend. It was really nice spending time together. I hadn’t seen him since Christmas. Jonathan’s never been on a train before, so I bought a return ticket from Windsor to Toronto. He also had his first subway/streetcar experience. We mainly walked around the streets, went shopping and saw a movie. Summer is a more exciting time to visit Toronto – there are tons of festivals and the wind isn’t blistering (like it was this weekend!).

I can’t wait for Jessie to visit. Maybe by then I’ll have a futon for her to sleep on. Right now, my living area consists of a desk, a chair, Kyle’s guitar, pedals and amp, a hang rack, couch cushions and a broken floor lamp. I need an apartment makeover – which is happening at an annoyingly slow pace. I did buy a toaster this week…. that’s a good sign, right?

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