Sorting through it all

19 Apr

A few days ago, I walked to Ryerson University. It took me about an hour from my apartment, but I strolled leisurely through Chinatown. It reminded me of South East Asia. The men sitting on low stools eating out of styrofoam boxes, the duck carcasses hanging in the shop windows, the hole-in-the-wall bubble tea set-ups, the bins of spices and ginger… you can imagine the nostalgia I felt.

I suppose that’s one of the greatest things about living in Toronto – the ethnic diversity. For example, the other day I had a delicious bowl of pho from a Vietnamese restaurant. I loved staring into that steaming bowl of noodles and then squishing in a bunch of lime juice and hot sauce to make it my own original creation. The experience brought me back to those shady food stalls on the street. The only difference is that I paid 5x the price here!

I’ve also been posting tons of travel photos on Facebook. I need to post a few on my blog, but I am still trying to figure out how to add a photo stream. Uploading photos to my posts is messy – as you probably remember from my Bangkok update!

In grad school news, I looked up Ryerson’s significant dates for the 2011/2012 term. Luckily, I have a guaranteed 20 days off for Christmas holidays! That means a possible backpacking trip could be in the stars – a short one of course. Maybe Colombia… definitely somewhere warm. That’s all I can predict. I suppose this is more like travel news (as always).

My birthday is one week away. The ol’ 23. Is it wrong that I’m starting to feel old? This may be my last summer ‘off’ – to hang out and live freely. I want to go patio-ing to the extreme and throw in a few road trips. Next summer, I’ll be in grad school and during the following the summer, I’ll be working full-time. You know… like a full fledged adult!

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