Don’t rain on my parade

26 Apr

It’s my BIRTHDAY!! I’m sitting in a coffee shop (not the kind in Amsterdam, although that would be a story) and enjoying a delicious Americano while writing this overdue blog. Despite the dull, rainy weather, today is going to be a fantastic day! Last year, I was in Toronto for my birthday a mere week before backpacking Europe with my best friends. I’ve come full circle. My nomadic lifestyle has finally come to an end, for now.

Instead of getting ready to leave for a whirlwind adventure, I’m spending the weekend dancing with my friends at the local watering hole. It’s so normal and to be honest, I’m looking forward to it. Maybe next year I’ll feel different!

I feel so lucky to have traveled for such a long period of time. I’m only 23 and I’ve had so many unique experiences – the kind some people only dream of. It’s unreal. I also had the opportunity to share this last year with my best friends. It’s one thing to take a year off and travel by yourself, it’s another to have your friends along for the ride. The timing was perfect – besides the fact that Jessie was in school, but at least we conquered Western Europe together.

I know this isn’t the last time/chance/opportunity to travel. In the beginning, Stefanie believed that this was all we had. I don’t blame her for being frustrated with me about cutting trips shorter, but I did try my best to explain that this was only the beginning. Now that Stef is confident to travel on her own, I can see the world opening up to her a little more and she is too. Look at her now! She’s camping in Africa for 3 months. CAMPING!! Her passion for travel far exceeds mine, but I know we’ll be sitting on a plane together once again, scouring the guidebook and getting a little buzzed from high-altitude red wine.

I can see myself waking up one day and doing it all over again. This last year was a taste of something I always knew I wanted. I can’t help if the craving becomes impossible to ignore later in life – even if it’s just a year from now.

But for now, it’s time to enjoy the city I live in and the friends and family close around me.

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