Booking flights… but not for myself (how depressing!)

5 May

I just want to cry when I log onto Orbitz or Expedia.

Lately, I’ve been back to my ol’ researching self, trying to find a decent flight from London(UK) to Toronto. Unfortunately, the flight is NOT for me – although I wouldn’t mind a Spring tour of England. The flight is for Stefanie. You may recall our final days in Bangkok when Stefanie’s passport and wallet were stolen, so as the rules of best friendship prescribe: I need to book Stef’s flight back to the homeland using my credit card. yay.

I found an incredible flight for only $265, including taxes! I must admit, it got my juices flowing, so I started looking at round trip deals for myself. The round trip prices weren’t as cheap and the longer I searched, the more I realized how impossible a backpacking trip would be. I have a lot of things coming up in the next few months and I highly doubt my job would give me any lengthy bit of time off – considering the previous year. So, I emailed the one-way flights to Stef and told her to pick the fairest one of them all. I would not be joining her this time around….

In apartment news, Kyle and I are living in this basement hole until July 1st. Our landlord reduced the rent as an incentive to stay longer because she doesn’t have time to show the apartment. We took the deal and now I have to breath in this stale, moldy air for one month longer. Remind me why I’m slowly killing myself to save $50?…. oh right, future traveling!

Jessie and I were thinking about road trips this summer. I’d love to drive through the USA for two weeks in August… or maybe Western Canada? If you know any great routes, leave a comment!

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