99 problems, but a blog ain’t one.

10 Jun

I have neglected this blog for quite some time. I’ve been a little busy, to say the least. Thankfully, there have been some major developments in my personal and travel life (i.e. lots of goodies to share!).

I’ve been slowly settling down in Canada. I must admit, it was difficult managing my ‘regular’ life after coming home from Southeast Asia. As time passed, I was feeling 10x more comfortable knowing that I’ll be settling Toronto – *was* being the key word. All of a sudden, a few challenges sprung up and I’ve spent the last month trying to reorganize my so-called ‘regular’ life.

One of these major obstacles was finding an apartment in the city. I don’t know how difficult apartment hunting is in other major cities – but Toronto has proven to be full of cheap, tiny, grungy rooms OR hardwood floored, over-priced, airy units. I couldn’t find anything in between. Maybe July is not the best time to begin a search… I’m not overly picky, but I can’t stand to live in a damp basement any longer. When I’m traveling, I’ll pretty much sleep anywhere even if that includes a mattress on the floor of a moldy and ant-infested room (Villefranche-sur-mer, France). In terms of where I’ll be living, my expectations are a bit higher.

Despite the headache, I did find a place and I signed the lease today. I’m nervous because signing my name on that dotted line makes everything permanent. As you all know, I haven’t had permanence in my life for quite some time…

Speaking of travel… Jessie and I have decided to take a road trip to Florida. We were leaning towards Cuba for a while, but we can road trip for two weeks for the same price as a one week vacation in Cuba (more beach time!!). There’s also a lot more freedom in a road trip than a pre-packaged vacation.

Stefanie came home on Wednesday from Africa. I picked her up at the airport and it was such a great feeling. It’s strange to travel with someone for so long and then they disappear for 3 months in a land of bad internet connection. She only spent one night in the city before heading home, but thankfully she’s decided to join our Florida road trip. The tripod reunites for another summer travel fling! We leave in one week, so I better get my plan on.

I suppose everything worked out in very unexpected ways. I have a lot to look forward to, but I’m also antsy about the unknown. Everything is changing and once again, it will take time to readjust but if there is one thing I’ve learned during this unforgettable year, it’s having the confidence to see things through.

As a side note, thanks for all the great comments everyone! I read each one and I appreciate all your support, thoughts and ideas. xoxo

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