South Beach, Miami (Encore!)

19 Apr

So, I’m officially finished my grad school courses for the Master of Professional Communication program at Ryerson University! Phew. To celebrate this fine moment and before I start writing my thesis (my prime summer activity), I’ll be heading to Miami, Florida with two lovely ladies.

And, lucky for me, I’ll be in sun-kissed SoBe for my 24th birthday! Last June, my friend and I took a road trip all the way from Toronto to Miami for two weeks in the sunshine state. We couchsurfed along the way, picked up a Dutch backpacker and partied in Miami until the break of dawn, or until a cockroach ran over my friend’s foot.

Funny enough, I thought I would hate Miami, but it surprised me. I love the Latin flavour and easy lifestyle. Miami natives have good beats, a great beach and wild friends. I really enjoyed hearing Spanish again and trying to figure out what everyone was talking about! I’m so rusty, it made me realize that I need to start practicing again.

I’ll be writing a few posts when I return about the nightlife, the eats, the sand, the scuba and the boys (ha!). Happy reading.


2 Responses to “South Beach, Miami (Encore!)”

  1. Annie April 19, 2012 at 3:23 AM #

    Will Smith throwback! I hope you have this song on repeat the entire trip. Have fun!

    • MelissaToandFro April 19, 2012 at 3:24 PM #

      Oh for sure!! Last time I was down there, the hostel had that LMFAO song on repeat. You know, the one where it goes “We’re in Miami Trick!”

      They played it during dinner to get everyone excited about going out that night. It starts off annoying, but then after the second time it comes on, you’re in your party dress and doing shots on the patio. Works every time, no matter how tired you are!

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