Weekly Photo Challenge: Today

9 Jun

This week’s photo challenge is called TODAY. Now, the only rule about this week’s photo is that it had to be taken and published that same day. I’m a bit of a cheater, but all in due cause. I had an extremely late night dancing to old hip hop and r&b with some fabulous people at Levack Block, a Toronto bar located at Queen St. & Ossington Ave.

But all’s well, that ends well and here is my photo for this week’s TODAY theme…

Dr. Draw at the ROM in Toronto

Dr. Draw performing at the ‘Friday Night Live @ROM’ event (June 8, 2012)

So, from April 20 to June 22, 2012, the Royal Ontario Museum in Toronto hosts a weekly event called Friday Night Live @ROM. The tagline for the event is genius: Drinks. DJs. Dinosaurs. History just got hot.

Here is a description from the webpage,

“Expect the unexpected. Be a part of history at the most unique social destination in the City. Drink and Dance. Explore galleries and happenings throughout the Museum.”

For only $9 ($8 for students!), you can explore the galleries, watch select performers, drink booze (Mill St. Organic. Yay!) and then dance your museum tush off to some great DJs. The party only lasts until 11pm, which is a drag – apparently, dinos need their beauty sleep.

WHY is the ROM doing this?

Well, turns out FNLROM is all leading up to the reveal of a new dinosaur exhibition, called Ultimate Dinosaurs: Giants of Gondwana. SO WEIRD. SO NEW YORK. I mean, really?

The pop-up shindig is definitely rising in popularity. There was a huge difference in attendees last night from the first time I went two weeks ago. With only two more Fridays left, expect some brutal lines (for drinks and tickets).

Last night’s performance was from the extremely talented Dr. Draw, this wicked (and weird) electric violinist. According to his bio, “Dr. Draw is known as the first ever violinist to venture from rock and classical into electronic club culture.” This guy was searing with energy and I’ve never seen a crowd so young and so pumped to listen to a violinist before. It was an excellent show.

The whole FNLROM thing is just one of the many reasons why I love this goddamn city. Having been such a success, I wouldn’t be surprised if the ROM continues this weekly party every summer. Definitely something to check out in Toronto.


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