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Adventure starts near home

30 Jul

I escaped the skyscrapers and traffic for something a little different this past weekend – a 2-night trip to the lake. Just a short 2.5 hours drive from the bustling cosmopolitan city of Toronto lies Corunna, a tiny town near Sarnia, Ontario. I stayed with family in a beautiful house with backyard river access to Lake St. Clair and it was easy to forget that only a few short kilometres away lies Chemical Valley. You can’t help but notice the interesting juxtaposition.

Lake St. Clair, Ontario Canada

The view from the house – Lake St. Clair

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Home too soon

12 May

We’re back in Canada!

Don’t get me wrong – it’s nice to be home and see everyone, but I miss Costa Rica already. 12 days is not enough time! Stef and I had a very stressful day yesterday. 12 hours in transit + achy bodies from rafting… not a winning combination! White water rafting was amazing, but it wasn’t my first time. Stef and I had tried it a few times in Ottawa, Canada. In comparison, Ottawa was much better! Sounds funny, right? I think it’s because the water levels were too low in Costa Rica for some wet and wild fun. It was still very scenic and bit challenging.
We almost missed our connection flight, so we had to run across the Houston airport in about 5 minutes to make our flight. Thankfully, we made it just in time with around 30 secs to spare before they closed the gate. As you can imagine, we were all sweaty and short of breath after our vigorous run. Everyone on the plane looked at us like we were a couple of crazies.
Today is my day to recharge. Starting tomorrow and for the next couple of months, I will be taking two university summer courses, writing for MediaDuo (and getting paid this time!), and working at the Gap. It’s going to be a busy summer, that’s for sure!
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