The Osheaga Music and Arts Festival SURVIVAL KIT

1 Aug

Osheaga Music Festival

Over 90 talented bands and musicians from around the globe are convening in Canada’s cultural mecca –  Montreal, Quebec – for the 3 day Osheaga Music and Arts festival from August 3-5th, 2012. It’s Canada’s best music festival and this year, I’m lucky enough to go! Yours truly will be boarding a bus from downtown Toronto and enduring the 6 hour journey to one of our nation’s most beautiful and unique cities. Click HERE for the complete line-up.

Like any trip you take, every festival goer needs to come prepared with a few essentials. I’ve compiled the ultimate 2012 Osheaga Survival Kit to ensure you have the most memorable, safe and entertaining weekend.

Toms Melissa To and Fro

solid choice

1. Comfy shoes
An obvious, but important choice! Do not bring your newest or nicest kicks or sandals because they will get extremely dirty. After all, Osheaga is in a park! I’m definitely taking my Toms with me on this one!

3. Hat
It’s summer and hats are totally in right now – so, pick out your favourite fedora or baseball cap and protect your lovely locks and face. And ladies, the worst burn you can get is along your part, so cover up or dab some sunscreen on it.

heart shaped sunglasses

All you need is love

4. Sunglasses
A polarized pair would be perfect, but anything will do. You definitely don’t want to be squinting throughout the entire set, nor do you want anyone else to see your post-party bloodshot eyes. I’m also bringing a fun heart-shaped pair because anything goes at a festival. This is the time to don your unique accessories and to try out new styles.

5. Poncho
The Montreal weekend weather forecast doesn’t look so great. 80% chance of thunderstorms? Hmm… You may look a little ridiculous in a poncho, but hey, at least you’ll stay dry.

Life Brand Sunscreen

Lather up!

2. Sunscreen
You may be rockin’ your best base tan by now, but trust me, lather up some of that good stuff! You don’t want to be sitting in the shade while babying your burn and missing your favourite act. Lame.

6. Water Bottle
KEY KEY KEY! You do not want to get dehydrated, especially with so many choices of delicious beer available. Thankfully, Osheaga is offering free water refilling stations available all around the park.

6. Small Backpack, Fanny Pack or Cross-Body Purse
You’ll need to lug a few things while at the park, so a small, light-weight bag is a necessity. Bring something that will stay close to your body. If you choose a small backpack, a tiny luggage lock is a handy item to keep your things safe in the crowd.

7. Smartphone
What’s the point of going to a music festival if you can’t Tweet about it!? (kidding!!) But seriously, share your favourite moments with your friends, family and followers who couldn’t make it to the festival. Check out @melissatoandfro and the Melissa To and Fro Facebook Page for real-time updates. Also, be sure to download the Osheaga app available in English and French. It’s your complete virtual guide to the festival weekend, featuring artist profiles, festival info, maps, and more all at your fingertips.

8. Earplugs
Okay, so it’s a little nerdy, but if the closest empty space to the stage is next to the speakers, at least you’re ears won’t be ringing for days.

Maybelline Baby Lips

SPF 20 and a hint of colour

10. Waterproof Make-up & Chapstick
It’s going to be hot and it might rain, so don’t let sweat and water ruin your lovely painted face. Also, consider packing a chapstick with SPF. I love the new Maybelline’s Baby Lips line. It is super moisturizing with a hint of colour and SPF 20. Bonus!

9. Camera
Play paparazzi and capture your favourite song. Remember, you can’t bring in SLRs or DSLRs into the festival. Compact waterproof and shockproof cameras are your best bet. I’m packing my compact 42x Nikon P510 camera. It’s great for zooming in on the stage from the grassy hill in Parc Jean-Drapeau.

These little items will definitely come in handy while you’re swaying your hips to some of today’s best music. Don’t forget to check back after the festival weekend for some must-read Montreal travel posts.

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